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22nd May 2006

The things Metro readers say! Part II
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It’s time we continued our occasional series, looking at the thoughts and opinions of the loyal readers of public transport freesheet Metro.

The opinions of these people are of special interest, as I’m guessing a fair number do not normally buy a paper and therefore are unaccustomed to having their views represented in the press. Any political movers and shakers wanting to engage with the public at large would do well to consider this overlooked demographic.

With that in mind, here’s my choice extract of the day from today’s Metro letters page:-

After reading reports about the 11-year-old boy who found a snake in his loo, I awoke this morning after my boyfriend had left for work, only to find a lifeless brown corn snake in my toilet. Although it may not be venomous, it omits (sic) an offensive aroma. Is this just a defence mechanism or should I contact the RSPCA?

Thank you, dear reader, for that enlightening correspondence. To everyone else, I apologise for wasting a whole minute of your life (2 minutes if you’re a slow reader).

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