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14th November 2012

Ello x 3

The Police & Crime Commissioner Elections take place tomorrow across England and Wales (except in London). It’s an idea cooked up by the Coalition government, supposedly to make the police more “accountable”.

There are fears that turnout could be as low as 18%, such is the public disinterest in the elections. Despite the lack of enthusiasm from all corners, it is important that as many people as possible go out and vote. As Nina Kelly pointed out in the Guardian last month, a boycott of the police commissioner elections could let in extremists.

The Home Office web site stresses that “The operations of the police will not be politicised; who is arrested and how investigations work will not become political decisions,” but it seems obvious that even a symbolic victory for extremists would be a disaster.

So please vote on Thursday, for anyone but the crazies. There is more info on the Electoral Commission web site.

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