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15th June 2006

I could do three short posts but… nah

It is, of course, good news that the RMT strikes have been suspended and will most likely be called off altogether, but I’m annoyed that, once again, it went right to the brink before a reasonable compromise could be worked out. The net effect of all this is hundreds of newspaper headlines screaming “STRIKE!!!” — which won’t be balanced out by hundreds of equivalent ones saying “NO STRIKE!!!” in tomorrow’s press — and further damage to the railway’s public image.

This was going to be a regular running gag on these here pages for the duration of the World Cup, but as I sat down to write one about tonight’s match, I realised that I’m already bored with the joke, so that’s your lot.

Oh, and Chris Evans’s ex-wife is leaving Doctor Who (that might have been a spoiler). As far as I’m concerned, the bring back Adric campaign starts here and now.

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