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18th November 2006

It could be you, but it won’t be
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I don’t normally do the lottery, but I had a good feeling about the duodecuple rollover in the EuroMillions draw, so splashed out on three tickets.

While waiting for the draw, I drew up plans for what I would spend my windfall on. Think how many Hornby trains and Acorn computers I could buy with £120 million! I would invest in RISC OS, paying a team of programmers to bring it bang up to date! I would pay to have the preserved Class 503 unit restored to full operating condition. And next time I do a Rail Rover trip, it will be in First Class!

I would mingle with celebrities, all of whom, naturally, would want to sleep with me. I’d spend my days quaffing champagne and horse-doovers at posh receptions, regaling Prince Charles with amusing anecdotes about strange people I’ve met at Moorfields station.

Then, I’d sell my story to the Daily Mail, complaining how the money had not brought me any happiness. I’d end up buying a house in a small Northern town and spend the rest of my days keeping myself to myself, while local children dare each other to ring the doorbell of the “spooky house” and run away.

Anyway, my instincts proved correct: I WON!!! Yes! Copious sex and drugs, here I come!

Actually, I matched 2 numbers and 1 “lucky star”, winning the smallest prize available, which turned out to be £6.40. I spent £4.50 on tickets, meaning the net profit to me is: £1.90.

Any suggestions as to what I can do with my winnings? Top suggestion so far is a copy of Radio Times and a Twix bar.

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