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2nd June 2007

Oaf of allegiance

Parking bay MP branded ‘an oaf’

The row erupted after Mr Steen was fined for leaving his car in a disabled bay at Newton Abbot railway station.

The Totnes MP said there was an “absurd number of handicapped spaces” and national regulations should be changed.

He said he had been “rushing” to Westminster and had used the disabled bay because the car park was full.

Now, if the oaf wants to moan about daft disabled provision, he could have a look at Aigburth station. A few months back workmen descended en masse and spent several weeks diligently working. They installed a new ticket office counter that can be lowered for wheelchair users. They levelled out the station entrance so people in wheelchairs no longer have to negotiate an awkward step to reach the ticket office. They carefully marked out a disabled parking space, right next to the ticket office.

It was an excellent refurbishment, and wheelchair users would be in heaven, were it not for the fact that the only way to reach the platforms is by a steep flight of steps.

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