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4th June 2007

Graeme Garden? Osama bin Laden!
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Russia is pointing nuclear weapons at us, Tony Blair is still Prime Minister and Big Brother is occupying 80% of all newspaper and TV airtime, but forget all that and rejoice, for I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue is back! With Stephen Fry! And jokes at the expense of ITV Play!

Glancing through my TV listings magazine the other day, I was pleased to notice a late-night programme called ITV Play, and anticipated a cultural experience with an hour or two of Pinter or Ayckbourn. You can imagine my surprise on tuning in to find a pair of chavs asking me to phone up to guess how many sides there are on a triangle. Now the BBC are at it. Well, as a long-time supporter of public service broadcasting I’ll tell them where they can stick their ill-gained profits… Straight in my top pocket, as soon as we finish this week’s I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Chance premium-rate phone quiz.

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