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13th August 2007

Gymkhana, only without the khana

The gym is open again! With fixed air conditioning! Television screens that actually work (just in time for the premiere of That Antony Cotton Show… on second thoughts, never mind)! And decent showers that emit a proper powerful spray that gets into every nook and cranny, if you know what I mean.

While you’re getting that image out of your head, I’ll tell you all about the alarming failure rate for electrical appliances in our household. Last week the dishwasher packed in, with a smell of burning rubber and an electrical overload that tripped the circuit breaker — the same circuit breaker that controls the socket wherein was plugged my computer and MY IMPORTANT UNSAVED DATA.

Now my laser printer has died. It was working fine until I opened up the front cover and saw the accumulated dust and debris inside — including, for some reason, a large amount of hair which appeared to have come from my own head. I unplugged it (the printer, not my head) to clean out the gunk, but when reconnected… nothing! No whirring noise, no little green light, nothing. I don’t know what’s wrong, the warranty period has long since elapsed, and I need a printer to… y’know, print stuff.

This being a throwaway society, I’m going to chuck the old printer and get a cheap Lexmark inkjet from Argos. It costs just 25 quid! This will surely end well!

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