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30th August 2007

Hi! ‘S cool Music, Al!

HMV in Oxford Street (that’s in London, don’tcha know), was apparently beseiged by High School Musical fans the other day.

What I want to know: what if I wanted to go in just to buy a non-High School Musical related item? Would I have to fight my way through throngs of screaming tweenagers to get to the Album Chart section? Would I have to politely ask Zac Efron to pass me a copy of that Ben’s Brother album I want (it’s just behind him to the left). What’s the etiquette in this situation?

The HSM cast were being interviewed by Richard & Judy on Wednesday afternoon, and Richard Madeley, ever the reliable warhorse for foot-in-mouth moments, delivered once again by telling Lucas Grabeel he had a weird-sounding name. Bless.

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