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3rd September 2007

The Pain Line (Ha!)
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Mum wanted to visit my sister in Hull and, being the fool that I am, I offered to book the train tickets for her. Half an hour later, and the TransPennine Express ticket booking site has completely lost my booking, despite a message saying “successful”. I have no idea whether I’ve been charged on my credit card, and they’re not replying to my e-mails. If, as I’m led to believe, the train companies want us to book tickets in advance, why do they make it so hard?

UPDATE: Friendly e-mail from thetrainline (who provide TPE’s internet booking service) confirmed that I haven’t been charged, and I’ve now been able to book, which is good, because I didn’t fancy spending my lunch break queueing at the ludicrously understaffed Travel Centre at Lime Street. But still, my faith in the system has been shaken… shaken, I tell you.

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