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4th September 2007

Happy Feet
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Who’d want to do Merseyrail’s PR at the moment, eh? A cub scout leader is in tears after being prosecuted for putting her feet on a train seat.

What’s interesting about this is the critical stance the Daily Mail appears to have adopted in the report above. This newspaper has been calling for “zero tolerance” on anti-social behaviour, but apparently they want an exemption for middle class people.

I can guarantee that, had this incident involved a benefit-claiming but otherwise law-abiding single mum from a council estate, there would be no tabloid outrage.

Bravo to Merseyrail for their crackdown, I say. Now, how about going after people playing loud MP3s on their mobile phones?

UPDATE: Pleaded guilty but given an absolute discharge.

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    4th September 2007 at 9:24 pm

    Most don’t put their feet on seats…

    First it was reported that a 19-year-old woman, Kathleen Jennings, was appearing in court charged with putting her feet on the seat of a train. Train operator Merseyrail has been running a campaign against this since February, and there are apparently …