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20th September 2003

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My cat had been missing for the last couple of days. Deep down I knew that something had happened to him, but I still held out hope that. Until last night, when a neighbour came by to tell us that she’d seen him get hit by a taxi. Apparently he’d run off into some nearby undergrowth, but he must have been badly injured, because later she found his body nearby. We’d owned him for just under two years.

We buried him in the back garden of our house this morning. The level of grief I’ve displayed has surprised even myself. People who’ve never owned a pet cannot understand the ability an animal has to work its way into your affections. I don’t think I was this upset when any of my (human) relatives died :-(

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  1. Comment by Rob
    28th September 2003 at 2:30 pm

    I know how you feel. A couple of years back one of my cats was hit by a car and we found its body by the road. It really upset me at the time. I can remeber writing a little eulogy for it.