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June 2003

1st June 2003

It’s That Man Again
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Some bright spark has edited together footage of the Iraqi Information Minister to produce this special Comical Ali DVD. Assuming this isn’t a joke, I’m not sure whether this is the most brilliant idea ever, or just a tacky cash-in.

Actually I’m leaning towards tacky cash-in, even though they’re donating money to the Red Cross. It is Region 0, though, which is good. There aren’t enough Region 0 DVDs.

3rd June 2003

…and then at these minutes past each hour…
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This shouldn’t really entertain me, but…

National Rail have had Live Departure Boards for a while now. They used to be available only for bigger stations, and in fact the above site still only lists those major stations.

However, with a little tweaking of the URL, you can get departures for any station, anywhere in the UK. So go on, see what’s due to arrive at my local station.

4th June 2003

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Liverpool named Capital of Culture

This a thoroughly deserved win: Liverpool is the city that needs the investment the most and it’s the city that can do the most with this title. But more than that, we’ve demonstrated that there is more to culture than art galleries, theatres and orchestras. Liverpool has all that, but culture is not something just to be enjoyed by society’s elite. Culture is something everybody should be able to enjoy. Going to the match on Saturday afternoons, going to the pub with your mates, going to a Paul McCartney concert. All of that is important to our culture, and our bid reflected that.

Now excuse me, I’m off to do a little victory dance. 🙂

And there’s more
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The city centre is full of TV reporters with cameras. Everyone seems to have a smile on their face today. North West Tonight have just done a 20-minute spiel on how great Liverpool is. I’m so proud to call Liverpool my home. Huge, knee-slapping praise and thanks to the people who achieved this.

Of course, there are also the inevitable sore losers.

8th June 2003

Go faster
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If you’re reading this, it means I’ve successfully upgraded to Movable Type 2.64. This normally straightforward procedure was fraught with difficulty this time round, thanks to an abnormally slow FTP connection. WHY is Broadband cable internet not available in this area? Why, Blueyonder, do you taunt me with your tantalising promotional literature, only to tell me its not available in my area yet?! WHYYYYYYY?! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!

On a tangentially-related topic, I’ve managed to break FABland (what’s left of it anyway), as well.


9th June 2003

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I’d just like to apologise for the total naffness of last night’s diary entry. I promise to be less dull in the future.

10th June 2003

Born yesterday
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Last night we welcomed a new addition to the family — Joseph Harvey, son of Steve and Joanne Harvey (my sister).

Nobody’s done a “Bob’s Your Uncle” joke yet, but give it time…

11th June 2003

Calm down, Calm down
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Brookside has been axed.

Various Scousers are up in arms and directing venom at Channel 4. Myself, I can’t even manage an indifferent shrug. It used to be great, but modern Brookside is so dull, tedious and obsessed with drugs and sex (and not the good kind), I’m amazed it’s lasted this long.

On the other hand, it means Liverpool won’t be on TV every week, but given the image Brookie projects of the city, maybe that’s a good thing.

17th June 2003

Tidying up exercise
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I’m still here, just about 🙂

FABland fans (all three of you) may be interested to learn that I’m currently in the process of getting the domain back from FreeNetName (who, of course, charge an “admin fee” to transfer the name away from them). Not to actually do anything with it, you understand, just for sentimental reasons.

OK, it’s not that interesting to learn. Sorry, no refunds.

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22nd June 2003

Thinking aloud
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The last couple of weeks have been soooo boring. I get up, I go to work, come home, check my e-mail, watch a bit of TV, go to bed. Weekends are the same, except without the work bit.

Ho-hum. I keep expecting to get a phone call from God: “hey Rob, long story short: massive cockup in the admin department, you should be living Colin Farrell’s life. Can you come to the office next Wednesday and we’ll get it all sorted out?” Now that would be interesting.

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24th June 2003

Adventures in Public Transport, Part IV
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Why is it that whenever a train door has a “Defective Door – Out of Use” notice pasted on it, witless commuters generally gravitate straight towards it?

I witnessed this behaviour at Moorfields station today. They stood there and stared at it for what seemed like ages. Eventually: “Oh, this door mustn’t be working.”


28th June 2003

The King Has Been Transformed
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Oh, wow.

This is going to be great…

30th June 2003

Oh, look
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Note to self: long hair looks good on other people, but not on you. Remember this next time you decide to “experiment”.

Oh, and my former R.S. teacher is advocating Linux. That’s kinda cool.

Morality Play
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After reading some of the claptrap in today’s edition, I’ve compiled the basic Daily Mail guide to morality:-

Treating Gays With The Slightest Bit Of Respect = Downfall of Civilisation

Logical? Not really, but that’s the Daily Mail for you. Fred Bassett is crap, too.

Oh, and for those keeping score, this is entry number 50. Maybe you should celebrate. Go on, have a packet of crisps or something.