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5th October 2009

Weighing in on an important issue
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Last Wednesday one of my fellow office monkeys left for pastures new, and to commemorate the fact we decamped en masse to the Buffet Star for lunch. This is Liverpool’s biggest and (probably) best all-you-can-eat Chinese/Thai experience.

For someone like me — who, until this diet started, regarded the phrase “all you can eat” as less of a slogan than a challenge — this was a temptation too far, and I ended up gobbling up a sizeable bowl of chicken and sweetcorn soup, followed by two plates laden with the finest foodstuffs the Orient had to offer.

It was with some trepidation that I weighed myself this morning. The result? I weigh 84kg. That’s only half a kilogram down from last week, but considering the amount of spring rolls I consumed, I’m actually happy with that. It’s good to know that I can (over)indulge from time to time without throwing everything out the window.

21st September 2009

Worth the weight
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This morning I had to stand on the scales several times to confirm the measurement, because I just couldn’t believe it.

I now weigh 86kg. That’s a drop of 4kg (or just about half a stone in old money) from last week.

I’m actually really pleased about this, especially since we had a massive family barbecue at our house over the weekend where tempting food was waved in front of me at every turn.

The changes I’ve made haven’t been that drastic: reduce on portion sizes, cut out desserts, eliminate snacks between meals. All so obvious, and yet sooo effective.

I’m not satisfied yet though, and would still like to lose a bit more. So, it’s onward and upward! (inward?)