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1st July 2007

Lots of hyphens in that 4th paragraph
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I took down my crap joke because as the weekend wore on, it became less and less funny.

The unsettling thing about the terror alerts over the weekend is that the powers-that-be appear to have had no inkling that an attack was going to happen. Carnage was avoided mainly by sheer good fortune (failure of the explosives to detonate) and alertness from people in the vicinity (the ambulance crew who spotted the suspicious car in London).

London and Glasgow are fairly distant, but then it came horribly close to home when someone was arrested just off Penny Lane.

I have a sinking feeling that a whole load of ill-thought-out and civil-liberty-eroding anti-terror legislation will be rushed through Parliament in the near future, all in the name of “keeping people safe”. Sigh.

I was flicking around the news channels last night and briefly found myself watching Fox News (I know, I’m sorry). One of their reporters described Liverpool Airport as “a very small airport”. Hmph!

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