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30th November 2009

Sorry, but the weight goes on
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Despite the objections of my family, who think that a short post about my weight once a week is indicative of an “obsession” on my part(?), the updates will continue.

For the third week in a row, I’m at the same weight. Clearly I need to try a bit harder.

That’s it. I’m OBSESSED, me! 🙂

23rd November 2009

Sorry to keep you weighting
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Almost forgot to do this! Compared to last week I am still 79.5 kg.

I seem to have reached a plateau (is it still a plateau when you’re going down, not up? Oh, who cares). On the good side, I didn’t really try at all last week and still didn’t put any weight on, which implies that, if I actually start making an effort again, I will start losing.

Need to knuckle down before yummy Christmas food starts tempting me. There’s already a packet of mince pies in the kitchen with about 5 million calories in each one. DO NOT WANT.

16th November 2009

Rail weigh station
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I appear to be the same weight this week as I was last week. THIS IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

9th November 2009

Weight Crime
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79.5 kg! Another drop compared to last week.

Another few weeks and I’ll be at my target. The challenge then is maintaining it. But for now I’ll settle for the general feeling of well-being.

2nd November 2009

Weights and Measures
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80.5 kg.

I’m not quite sure how I managed that, considering I haven’t even been trying since last week, but in the absence of evidence that my bathroom scales are broken, I’ll accept it. 🙂

26th October 2009

Terry Weight is being held hostage
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Well, sort of. I’m 81.5 kg. I’ve not gone up compared to last week, but I’ve not gone down (fnarr) either.

I blame the delicious pizza place round the corner from my house — with its free delivery and affordable prices — for tempting me with a 12 inch pizza on Saturday night. Curse you, Central Cuisine!

Time to redouble my efforts, methinks.

19th October 2009

Weighting for Godot
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Hold on to your hats, people — it’s that time of week again, when Robert stands on the scales and hopes they don’t say “one at a time, please”.

I weighed myself this morning and the result was: 81.5 kg. Another small drop from last week.

I’m really pleased with how it’s going. I’ve achieved a level of self-discipline that frankly I didn’t think possible, and the results are showing.

If I keep this up, I will easily reach my target weight by the beginning of December. Then at Christmas I will probably put it all back on again. Oh well.

12th October 2009

The Weighting Game Sucks… Let’s play Hungry Hungry Hippos!
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83kg. Not much of a drop from last week (I blame Mum’s delicious home-made scones) but nothing to be ashamed of.

Um, that’s it.

28th September 2009

Weight and See
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Not as drastic a weight loss as last week. No amount of jiggling on the scales this morning could get them to go below 84.5kg.

To be honest I was a bit more lax than I could have been this week so I’m not too surprised that it’s only a small drop. But even a small loss of weight is better than none at all, so I’m still pleased. 🙂

21st September 2009

Worth the weight
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This morning I had to stand on the scales several times to confirm the measurement, because I just couldn’t believe it.

I now weigh 86kg. That’s a drop of 4kg (or just about half a stone in old money) from last week.

I’m actually really pleased about this, especially since we had a massive family barbecue at our house over the weekend where tempting food was waved in front of me at every turn.

The changes I’ve made haven’t been that drastic: reduce on portion sizes, cut out desserts, eliminate snacks between meals. All so obvious, and yet sooo effective.

I’m not satisfied yet though, and would still like to lose a bit more. So, it’s onward and upward! (inward?)