Robert Hampton

Liverpool South Parkway

On 11th June 2006 Merseyrail opened a new station at Liverpool South Parkway, replacing the old stations of Allerton and Garston. The new combined station offers improved interchange between Northern and City Line trains, and also park & ride facilities and a bus station. Liverpool Airport is less than 15 minutes away by bus.

Below are some pictures of Garston station and Liverpool South Parkway, taken on 10th and 11th June 2006. Click on the thumbnail to view a larger version.

I revisited LSP and Garston on 17th September and 19th November to track the progress of Garston's demolition.

10th June 2006

(107K JPEG) Merseyrail sign at the entrance to Garston station.
(78K JPEG) Garston station booking office.
(45K JPEG) Closure notice displayed inside the booking office.
(93K JPEG) View from platform 1 of Garston station, looking towards Liverpool.
(70K JPEG) Sign on the platform at Garston station, advertising Airport interchange. In practice I imagine most rail passengers used the express bus from Moorfields or Lime Street stations.
(64K JPEG) Merseyrail timetable poster.
(98K JPEG) 507013 arrives with a service for Hunts Cross...
(69K JPEG) ...and departs, passing through the platforms of Liverpool South Parkway (not a brilliant quality picture, I'm afraid).
(48K JPEG) Road sign for the new station on Woolton Road (the bridge in the background carries the WCML).
(106K JPEG) Northern Line platforms at Liverpool South Parkway, photographed from a nearby road overbridge.
(62K JPEG) A view of the WCML platforms from the road below. Although the station buildings are complete, there are still several construction vehicles on site, and some landscaping has not been completed.
(73K JPEG) The impressive bus station waits to receive its first passengers.

11th June 2006

(61K JPEG) Opening day at Liverpool South Parkway, and a view of the main concourse area.
(39K JPEG) The ticket office. With it being Sunday morning, only one out of three ticket windows was open.
(77K JPEG) The bus stand area from above, photographed during a quiet moment.
(88K JPEG) The car park was similarly empty.
(59K JPEG) On the WCML platforms, 57307 rushes through the station, dragging a Pendolino unit.
(79K JPEG) A Central Trains Desiro unit heads for Birmingham. In the June 2006 timetable, CT services do not call at Liverpool South Parkway on Sundays.
(79K JPEG) A view of the Northern Line platforms on the Southport-Hunts Cross line.
(71K JPEG) The now-closed Garston station, seen from the new LSP platform.
(45K JPEG) Timetable poster on the Northern Line platform.
(72K JPEG) 507011 arrives with the 1156 to Hunts Cross.
(67K JPEG) Back on the “main line” platforms, Northern Rail 150145 arrives at platform 2 with the 1201 to Liverpool Lime Street.
(109K JPEG) Commemorative certificate given to passengers travelling through Liverpool South Parkway on that first day.

17th September 2006

(70K JPEG) Within a few weeks of closure, Garston succumbed to graffiti vandals. Most of the platform furniture has been removed.
(61K JPEG) What appear to be lamp posts piled up under the footbridge on the Hunts Cross platform.
(70K JPEG) The station has only been closed for a short time but has already taken on an air of dereliction.
(45K JPEG) Over at Liverpool South Parkway there's a happier tale to tell. The entrance to the station, which looked decidedly unfinished on opening day, has been tidied up and planted with shrubs and trees.
(49K JPEG) A Pendolino (I think it was 390002, I'm not sure) rushes through LSP on its way to London.
(60K JPEG) A less-than-perfect shot of 350129 en route to Liverpool.
(55K JPEG) 142064 arrives with the 1301 to Liverpool. Northern Line services were replaced by buses today and the hourly Liverpool-Manchester stopper was the only train service using LSP. Even this wasn't trouble free, as the 1257 from Lime Street was announced as cancelled (it was eventually reinstated and ran 13 minutes late).

19th November 2006

(91K JPEG) Not much remains of Garston station. This view is looking towards Liverpool South Parkway.
(106K JPEG) Approach road to Garston cordoned off while the platform buildings are demolished.
(109K JPEG) This bricked up arch was the site of the entrance to Allerton station. Platforms were accessed via subway from the booking office.
(72K JPEG) 507026 waits at Liverpool South Parkway with a train to Southport (services were terminating at LSP due to engineering works).

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